Studying #

A lot of the information on this site can be found at the studying guide on the course website

Usage of Study Groups #

  • Study groups are an absolutely awesome resource to use!
  • Try to use study groups to do more problems from old exams, as well as tutoring worksheets/discussion problems that we don’t get around to doing
  • In my experience, an amazing way to do this is as followed:
    1. Form a small study group (if you have one already, awesome!)
    2. Whenever you plan to meet, agree on a set of problems that everyone does before the meeting starts, then do those problems.
    3. During the meeting, take turns leading the group with your own solution to one of the problems, and during that process, everyone should interject with their thoughts. Repeat this until all questions have been covered.
      • It is vital that everyone gets a chance to talk

I did this for 61A, and it worked very well for me. While your mileage may vary, this is a very effective way of just getting thoughts down on the table, and seeing other people’s thought processes.